Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evolution of my Little Blog

I was just thinking about the evolution of my blog.  At various stages of its life, this blog has had very different focuses...foci...

When I first started blogging, it was honestly as a stepping stone to letting the world know I liked to write.  I blogged mostly about what God was teaching me and the creative side of life.

These posts were written on my original blog. One that no one knew about.  I was writing "publicly" but the public had no idea.

Then my blog became about a new start. A new career, a new blog, a new focus.

Then beginning with this post a whole new focus for my blog emerged.  I started writing about my love for cooking and photography.  I was reading a lot of Pioneer Woman at the time and loved what she did with her blog so I started going down that road.  I think it was the real beginning of my blog.

I mixed in some true Kim with some honest posts about where I was at but it was mostly about my food.  It got to the point that all my friends called it a food blog. To this day people still call it a food blog. ITS NOT A FOOD BLOG.  

Somewhere along the way, it just got to be about life.  What I loved, liked, wished for.  

In all of this, i was randomly writing reflective posts on what I was learning in the midst of life

I even began using my blog to be the main advertiser of my growing Etsy Shop.

The late spring of this last year I started getting more involved in the blogging world. Joining link ups, entering giveaways, etc.  My blog changed almost drastically. In some ways it was great. I was getting exposure. I was seeing other writing styles, other ways of expressing yourself but i was also getting more readers.  

I went from 30 something followers to the 200s in a matter of weeks.  

I even got to the point of taking on advertisers & sponsors.  Many days my blog was about the giveaways and the sponsors.  I found it hard to keep up with it and started to lose my voice as a writer.

Once the high of the growth dwindled down, I started reflecting more on who I was as a writer, a blogger, a friend. I am still reflecting on who that is. I am still trying to find out who I am and where I want my blog, my writing to go.  What I love about the blogging community is that I can take my time to figure it out and I don't have to be boxed in to one specific style. My followers will change. My focus will change and that's ok.

How has your blog evolved? Have you found your own niche?  Are still trying to find your voice?

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