Monday, November 21, 2011

Creating for the Sell

Been knitting a lot lately in the hopes of selling on Etsy to earn some extra income.  I am beginning to be a knitting monster with about 3 to 4 projects going at a time.  I am a little ADD when it comes to what I am doing or what I want to do.  Caught between what I want to try and what I think will sell.

Its hard thinking of your audience, your potential audience and your reality.  Especially when you are selling primarily on a site that sees thousands of entries a day (probably in a minute). I love Etsy and what it offers but you are competing with many others who are potentially more talented then you are.

With all of that being said, I have to take pictures that help sell my items.  When some of them are articles of clothing or accessories, you need to shoot them in context.  That's tough when you are solo... but it allows me to be creative, which lets be honest, I love to do.

As you are my audience, let me know what you'd buy, what looks good to you?  Will give me a little direction on what I should focus on. Don't worry its not committing you to buy. I just want your input.

Visit my Etsy Shop.  I will have a special offer next Monday for Cyber Monday.  Visit back here on Monday for more information.


  1. Kim-- The shot of the afghan on the rocking chair is especially nice. I also like the shots of the neck scarf, but the top one (with you?) and the bottom one are more in line with what I think Etsy buyers would be attracted to--

    Taking pictures of the goods you're selling can be one of the major challenges for sellers, but you're at an advantage since you're already a photographer! Lucky you--

    Best of luck on the holiday sales!


  2. Thanks Joy! Good stuff. What would you buy? I want to make things that will sell not just things i like to make.


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