Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh What To Do

So its Sunday and usually that means its a busy morning with all of my church responsibilities, but I have the afternoon to do whatever I please.  So iI decided this morning to make a to do list.   And I am going to let you in on it.

So my church went apple picking yesterday.  I got half a bushel and I plan to use it.  My goal is to make a plan for what to do with the apples.  I think that is my next challenge.  15 things to do with apples.  Those will all be future posts.

My beautiful Mom got us one of these beautiful bakers rack.  We have a large kitchen but little storage space. This will help us organize better so that we don't have to stuff things into corners.  My plan is to reorganize the kitchen. I think it will be a two day process.... I will have to pull everything out and then arrange it and then put it all back in a better more concise manor.  I am somewhat intimidated yet a little giddy about this adventure.

My roommate and I would call ourselves runners.  We do a race about every month and most of the time we like the run but we are both bad at making it a regular habit.  Our schedules can really hinder our routine.  Our pattern is to put it off until a week before a race and then run the race and then we put if off and so on.  So my plan today is to make a running schedule for the next month and to actually stick with it!

So when we moved in, we were pretty quick to decorate... even started this wall, but somehow it stopped half way.  You can't tell much by this picture, but the frame at the top left is empty.... It has been for 17 months.... The white space above the TV has also been empty... I want to finally make this wall a little more appealing.  So my goal is to figure out some ideas for this wall...

My roommate and I keep seeing these canvases on sale at Michael's (my toy store) :)  So we decided to get them and do something with them.  I think these will go with #4 or #2.  So my plan is to figure out some ideas that we can do with these.  There are lots of cool ideas: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and many more.

So most of my todo today is planning related.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it?  Maybe you'll see some later posts related to these items.  Now... its Sunday Nap Time!

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