Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 44: Creating the Creator

I flippen love to create things... or rather recreate.  Since i left my day job, i have been finding more and more projects to work on.  About 75% of them won't bring me income at this point but i sure do love to do it.  From baking bread to cooking dinners to knitting washclothes to taking pictures to writing.  I get a weird high from doing this all day.

The only problem with this is, well, it doesn't bring in the money in which i need to survive.  So been trying lately to concentrate my efforts.  Struggling to concentrate but trying.... Below are just a few of the things i have worked on over the last 6 weeks.... I just pray for the day when i can earn a living just creating and thinking up ideas.
Rural India

Brewing Iced Coffee
Dish Scrubbies
Placemat or Lapmat for Laptop
Braided Egg Bread

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