A Few Stats (As of October 31, 2012):  
2413+ pageviews per month
637+ Unique visitors (for October)

409+ Feedburner Subscribers
425+ GFC followers
637+ Facebook Friends
420+ FB Page Likes
352+ Pinterest Followers

580+ Twitter Followers

other stats available upon request

Singledou{b}t was the first blog that I paid for sponsorship, and from day 1 Kim was so wonderful.  She RT my tweets, or she would tweet about a post on my blog, which I thought was so nice of her.  She is a wonderful host! Pamela from Pamela's Heavenly Treats

Kim was such a great choice when choosing a blog to sponsor. She really cares about her sponsors and you can just feel that from each email. She worked hard to promote your website and did all she could to highlight you. I also loved how she would share her own goals with her sponsors so that you knew exactly what to expect from her and what she planned for the month. I would definitely sponsor her again! Megan from And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Please email me if you are interested in sponsoring Singledou[b]t.
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