Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend of Snow

Lucky for New York City, Nemo* wasn't so bad.  Just another big snow and is currently being washed away by the now 40 degree weather and rain.   But I thought I'd share with you Pics from our "Big Storm"

 In the ten years I have lived in NYC, I don't think I have owned a good pair of snow boots so I bought a pair from a boutique under our apartment building.  They were having a huge sale.

Friday, in NYC, wasn't supposed to see much, on the ground, accumulations but the "wintry mix" was more snow than rain and we definitely got some nice snowy sludge.  

Saturday morning we woke to somewhere between 7-11 inches.  In New york, because of car and foot traffic, the mounds of snow get pushed to the street corners and turned into puddles of icy mess. This is the #1 and only real reason I HATE snow in New york.  Having the proper boots helped this time.  But the issue is finding a place you can step when crossing the street that isn't 2 inches deep of icy water.  Sometimes you think it will be more shallow or even frozen just to find out you are ankle deep in water. NOT FUN.  The top left corner and bottom right corner pictures above are proof of those disgusting messes.

New York was on the line of the storm that allowed us to get lower accumulations and less of a slap of snow.  Further north got hit pretty hard.  Most of this snow will be gone by the end of the day with the rain and warmer temps we have today.  Bye Bye snow!

* PS - Can someone tell me why we are naming snow storms now? Also, why Nemo?  


  1. snow to cold i'm enjoying oue warm days here way to much

  2. I totally hear you on the 2 inch corner puddles that make crossing the street and staying dry impossible. Looking for some good boots myself! Yours look like they were perfect for the mess :)


  3. It's actually just The Weather Channel doing it, if you go onto a news channel they'll just say the generic "there's a winter storm."

    It's really stupid, actually...

  4. It was so weird to hear about a named snowstorm. I didnt think that had ever happened before.


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