Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life Giving

I am coming out of a season of dryness, loneliness and disillusionment.  I have spent most of my life wanting.  Whatever my current circumstances are, I find myself wanting something I don't have.  Whether its friends I don't have, a family I don't have, money I don't have, career that I don't have, faith I don't have, etc, I can always identify something that I wish I had.  Rarely do I stop and look at what I do have and how God has blessed me.  I have alot.  Today, I'd like to share with you the things that are life giving for me.  THese are things that wake me up in the morning and give me something to look forward to.

Although many days I truly struggle with where I am going with this blog, I do enjoy its role in my life.  I love that its giving me an outlet to write.  My writing is not where I want it but its definitely further along than its been in a long time.  The fact that I am writing in a public forum is a huge deal for me.  Also, the friends I have made through blogging has been amazing and so very encouraging.  I look forward to being more intentional with those friendships that have formed.

Over Christmas, my sales had gone up.  It, at one point, was almost overwhelming but it was so much fun.  Its opened up a creative side in me that I look forward to.  I've been exploring new ways to create and sell and its truly been a joyful process. I can't believe God has allowed this to be an outlet for me.  Although this will feel like a shameless plug, I did want to share with you my latest creations. I am deeply proud of these pieces and am just so super excited to share them with you.  There are codes available should you want to purchase them (no pressure). I'd love love love if you tweeted, pinned, facebooked, etc about these new additions. I'll send you a 30%off code if you help plug my shop in 5 different ways. Links are available below if you want to go directly to the shop.

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I recently was able in a place to communicate my needs and desires regarding my role in my church.  For the longest time I held resentment towards where I felt I was and/or should be in regards to my role.  It wasn't until I stepped forward and explained where i was and what i needed that I was able to truly feel connected and at home.  It was such a growing step for me. I finally realized that we can't expect people to know where we are at if we haven't done our part in communicating the need. Now I feel like I am in the right place, doing what gives me life.

This one, for me, will be harder to articulate because I am still in the process of figuring them out but I will try.  I have a few friendships that I truly feel are God given gifts for me. The kind that I know are perfectly wrapped gifts from God to Me.  They give me life and energy and show me a glimpse of what His love is for his people and for me.  

I also have friendships that I am beginning to see are the other side of that. I know they are gifts from God but intended for the other person.  They are entrusted to me for His glory and not my own.  They require more energy, forethought and trust than the previously stated ones but they are gifts none the same and are precious beyond words.  I am learning more and more each day the value of those friendships.  They bring me outside of myself which, quite honestly, I desperately need.

These are some of the things I am grateful for and feel honored and blessed by God to have them in my life.  What are the things in your life that make you happy, bring you joy or make life worth living?  I dare you to write a post, comment below or tweet out what those are.  Believe me it will open your eyes up to some amazing things if you take time to discover what they are.

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  1. Kim,

    I sure have enjoyed catching up on your blog! Thanks for sharing! I can relate to so many of the things you say & the things you've shared have been so encouraging to me. Thanks!!



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