Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Santa...

We all have expectations as we enter the holiday season.  For some of us we just hope that life will seem normal. For others its about what we will get, give or who we will see.

This year, I simply want to spend time loving, serving and hanging out with my Mom and Dad.  Its been a year full of life change, illness, and for many, tragedy.  I can't wait to wrap my arms around my mom and dad and say thank you for all they have done for me throughout my life.

What is something you'd like to see happen this holiday?

I asked some of my blogging friends what they'd life to see!

Britt from Yellow Umbrella
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"I know this sounds silly, but I would love to be able to relax and let the stress of life go so that I might enjoy every moment of this Christmas season. "

Courtney from Baxtron{Life}
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"This Christmas, I'd love to see my younger sister let go of her resentments and join in our festivities - seriously - having her celebrate away from her family is the hardest thing ever."

Lanaya from Reagan's Toy Chest

Reagan's Toy Chest:
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"I would love to see my family all appreciate each other. I want them to realize that despite the differences (whether it be religion, ideals, etc) it is still important to respect one another and love each other for who we all are." 

Sarah from Folderol & Frippery

"I'd like to see people relax! In retail, I see so my people who are just in a bad mood this time of year. Don't take it so seriously. Keep in mind that the people working might be tired and cranky themselves (I've been putting in 42-50 hours a week on my feet!), but we are doing our best to help you and smile while doing it. There is no reason to be mean. You gain so much more from the experience when you are kind."

Amy from The Ramblings from Miss AimyMichelle

"Realistically I would love to see all of my family get along and be together but I know that just won't happen due to things that have happened.

Danielle from Football & Rainbows
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"I would like for my son and nephew to be happy and have a great Christmas!"

Nicole Robinson from Scraptastic Memories

"I would like to learn how to better manage my time and not try to do so much!"

"I'm anxious to see nieces and nephews and even children of my own for Christmas. Even though several are married, it seems like this gift may be several years away still yet, but one can always hope.

What would you like to see happen this holiday?

Have a great Christmas, everyone!


  1. I am really enjoying this series! Such a great idea, again!


  2. What a creative Christmas post - love this idea!


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