Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blank Canvas Tour & Jessica Who?

I have been super excited to have Jessica here today!  Jessica is one of my Blog Swap Sponsors and one of my super encouraging blogger friends.  I really love getting to know her!  And I am super excited about her post. 

Aloha y'all!
I'm Jessica and I blog over at Jessica Who?.
The title of my blog refers to the constant "Jessica who?" question that us Jessica's face. (You can read more about that here.)
I'm a Texas girl who lives in Hawaii with my sweet husband and our baby Duke (he's a 1 year old puggle). My blog is kind of all over the place, just like my life. I'll post about anything from recipes (even though I'm horrible in the kitchen) to fashion (I like to pretend I know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, enough about me! I'm here to talk to you about a project that I'm really excited about. It's called the Blank Canvas Tour.
David and Christina Diller (known in the blogging world as Tico and Tina) are touring the country on a mission to spread encouragement and inspiration. The tour includes the Dillers, their two children, their intern Krista, an artist named Randall, and Julie, their virtual team member.  They are making a cross-country photography adventure.  The tour will double as an opportunity to gather stories about journeys that other people are taking and tell those stories to encourage people who want to dare to dream.
I'm lucky enough to be a part of the team as their Head of Public Relations!

For the past 6 months, the Dillers have carried a blank canvas with them, capturing fun images which are then turned into cards that people can customize with their own message. The hobby grew into something bigger than them. They recognize the blank canvas as a symbol of endless possibilities, of creativity waiting to be unleashed, of taking risks, and living with a mindset of adventure.

This project combines the blank canvas photo shoots with on-the-street video interviews, collecting candid takes on why or why not people are living a life of adventure and what that means to them.

What does this have to do with you? I'm glad you asked!  We would love for you to get involved by: 1. Spreading the word via word of mouth, blogging, social media, buttons, etc.. 2. Giving towards the project (which will get you some cool rewards) 3. Sponsoring the tour with your shop, blog, or business 4. Letting us tell your story 5. Nominating yourself or someone else to be interviewed as part of the tour (like I did here and here)
For more info and to stay up-to-date with the tour, visit:  Thanks for having me! Come by and say hi sometime at :)   

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Isn't she great?  I'm excited about the Blank Canvas Tour and hearing more about it. 
Thanks Jessica!


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  1. And, to add to what Jessica just said. They will be here in NYC next week! :)

    I know part of the agenda while they're here is helping me move (because they just might be crazy. LOL.) but I'm going to try and organize a gathering as well. Shoot me an email, and once I know details I can spread the word!


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