Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Angel August 2012 Reveal

Its so exciting that the day of reveal is here! 

This is my second round of Blog Angels, a match up/link up, that brings together bloggers in a fun creative way.

I've really enjoyed getting to know my secret swap blog angel although I feel like I still didn't do enough.  It took the end of the month for me to finally think of a great way to help my angel. I'll explain that in a few.  

Before I go into how I supported my blog angel, I should introduce her to you.


Samantha from Reinvented in Seattle

Samantha seems to be so full of life, wanting to continually bring peace to those around her.  Its been a joy to read her Karma 365 Project and all the things she has endeavored to do!

First, I want to add that its hard to anonymously and randomly support someone.  You really have to think outside of the box.  

The first task I did was add her to my sidebar through the MEET ME Ad.  

Randomly throughout the month, I would comment on a post or tweet one of her awesome Etsy items.


I tried contacting her to become a sponsor but never heard back.  She's a super busy girl!

It wasn't until this week that I remembered that Rosie from Craftbotic mentioned I could email Samantha through Rosie so I did.  But as soon as I got an email back I realized that I was going to abuse Rosies generosity so I set up my own blog angel gmail account.  I emailed her through that. I am hoping that will open up a dialogue, even though we are at the end!  I now have one set up for the next time.

I strongly recommend signing up for October's Blog Angel!  Visit to find out how to sign up!  I also recommend creating a secret email.  Samatha, from the beginning asked for help in areas that you can't really do anonymously through tweets and comments without coming across presumptuous.  Creating an email allows you to dialogue with your angel without taking down the mask!

Have a great weekend everybody. I am currently in the Poconos at a church leadership retreat, enjoying nature and some awesome people!  Have a great Holiday weekend! And don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Labor Day Give-a-way hosted by: 
myself, Tales of Beauty for Ashes, After Nine to Five and Pamela's Heavenly Treats.




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  1. Top idea on the email, Kim. Although we should have a group 'safe word' that can be used in the initial email, so we are sure that no-one is crazy stalked in the process of being part of this.

    I like being a little messenger between the different Angels. Thanks so much for taking part. I hope you have a lovely weekend out of town.

    Rosie xx

  2. Love it! It can be hard in the beginning to connect had that with my angel as well. Btw. love the etsy products!!!

  3. I love that elephant and giraffe!
    Following you from the Blog Angel Reveal! :)

  4. Hey Kim!
    I had a great experience! Did you suspect me as your blog angel? ;)
    xo Sarah

  5. AHHH!!!! Thank you for being my angel!!! Sorry that I didn't respond to you about being a sponsor. I never saw the e-mail about it. I'm so sorry. However you are very sneaky by setting up a new e-mail!!!!! Thank you for your help. I really do appreciate everything that you did.

  6. I so love this Blog Angels idea! I think I might sign up for the next round in October. So clever of you to think of getting the anonymous email. :) Thanks for sharing, Kim! Hope you're enjoying yourself at the retreat!


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