Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Waste an Hour

Do you find yourself wasting time?  I do!  I don't typically work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I quit my job a year ago to do two things.  Pursue photography and to write.  Since then I did get a job working at my church.  That fills up 2.5 days of my week.  

Getting into the blogging world has been amazing and I have truly enjoyed it.  But OH MAN can it consume my day.  I get to reading one blog which leads to a give-a-way which leads to twitter which leads to another blog and well you get my drift.  Before I know it I have spent 2 hours doing nothing I started out to do.  Now I am not saying the blogging world is bad. Its AWESOME but man it can suck up my day.  

My vow this week is to give myself a limit.  Unless I am writing my own posts, co-hosting something or being featured, I cannot spend more then 1 hour bouncing from blog to blog.  I am also vowing to schedule our my blog free time. Even scheduling in tweets and replies.  We'll see how it goes.  :/


  1. Hi Kim...i just spent two hours on i know what you mean...

  2. I give myself a free pass if I'm at work with absolutely--honestly--nothing to do!

  3. Well of course! I wish I had those days :)

  4. Before I became a stay at home momma, I wasted time at work. So much time. I worked hard, and efficiently in order to do so, but I wonder what I could've accomplished had I been productive during those lazy minutes.

    New follower from GFC blog hop, hope you'll visit my blog and follow back!


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