Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 49: 15 day challenges

So i have an idea.   I love to create (as mentioned in the previous post).  I love a good challenge. And I love to see what i am capable of.  The only problem is i have a bad habit of thinking of ideas an never following through and recently i have had a slight motivation issue... So i came up with an idea that will help me do all of these things.

15 day challenges.  So i was thinking that i would come up with 15 day challenges for myself.  Feel free to join me!  They might be 15 days of trying new recipes.  It might be 15 days of photos. 15 days of knitting, etc. Who knows.  I had too many ideas to make them 30 day challenges.  I want to start them all now and that would get overwhelming.

The good thing about these things is, if i end up needing to get a job (part time of course) to supplement my new photography gig, then i can do these on the side.

So here are my ideas.  Tomorrow i will decide which one i want to start with.

  • short stories
  • depth of field photos  
  • pioneer woman recipes (with my own twist)
  • knitting ideas
  • NYC landmarks
  • books to read (No i can't read a book a day but i can change the format of the challenge for this one)
  • breads
  • desserts
  • Craft ideas 
  • Any other ideas?
I am so excited about starting these and seeing where they take me.  I hope that some of them will bring me income... but for now, i just hope they bring me adventure.

1 comment:

  1. how about talking to people you would usually avoid...or going to places you would usually avoid (I'm thinking bars/clubs/etc not crack houses) :-)

    how about 15 days of letter writing to people you miss or people you've hurt or have hurt you (could also be phone calls but letter writing requires more time/thought/focus)


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