Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest - Vacation Dreams

As I fly home this morning, I look forward to seeing my family and spending time with them.

I also dream of the day when I can travel and get to know the rest of the planet. I dream about a place to rest and enjoy the beauty around me.  I love my life in NYC but sometimes I just long for the leisurely life... just for a few days.

This weeks pins are just a taste of some places I wouldn't mind going and exploring

Maui, Maui Marriott - via Kim via Pinterest
Summer Fjord, Svolaer, Norway Via Kim via Pinterest
Africa: via Kim via Pinterest
Edinburgh, Scotland via kim via Pinterest 
Zanzibar, Tanzania via Kim via Pinterest 
Bahamas via Kim via Pinterest 
Swiss Alps: Via Kim via Pinterest
Kayak w. Orcas via Kim via Pinterest
Ancient Street, Bilbao, Spain via Kim via Pinterest
Multnomah Falls - Portland, Oregon: via Kim via Pinterest
Blue tops in Santorini: via Kim via Pinterest

Glaciers: via Kim via Pinterest

Hope you got lost in my dreams too!

While you are at, check out the Pinning hosts: Courtney & Kimberly & their Lovely Guest Host: 



  1. Oh my goodness. These images are all breathtaking … and I would love to go all of those places too! Amazing!

    1. I know, right! I so wish I could just pack my bags and go!

  2. OMG I would love to go to all of those places!! Those pics are beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous! I'd love to go to Greece! Following you GFC. P.S. Why the Charlie Sheen image? So confused on that one, I've seen it around a lot lately.

  4. Hi! Just found you through Laura's Twitter link up! Love your blog and those pins are AMAZING!! Have a great day :)


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