Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Introvert in a Blogging World

I am an introvert.  

Its a fact about me.  I am not one for labels but this word best describes me and how I interact with people.  I am fairly outgoing when I want to be but I am mildly socially awkward when I am not prepared for a situation.  

BUT, I draw my energy from small, more intimate gatherings or being alone.  I am better 1 on 1 then I am in a group, most of the time.  Even though sometimes 1 on 1 can intimate me.  

I am shy.

This one has gotten worse over the last few years. I used to be shy only in large groups or with people I don't know at all.  Once I got to know you I was far from shy.  But lately, I find myself shy even with people I know well.  I think its a security and insecurity thing but its there.  

I love people.

I love getting to know people. I love learning what makes people tick. I like helping people.  My introversion and shyness can get in my way but I do love people.

I started to realize lately one of the reasons I love the blogging world so much is because I can be an introvert and still get to know people.  Sadly, its because its on my own terms. That part I feel bad about but its true.  

I've loved developing relationships with people with common interests.  I love being able to pray for, encourage, learn from and grow with some amazing people.  I really wouldn't trade my time blogging for anything.  

I do find myself getting overwhelmed at times.  There are just so many of them out there.  Battling with when its appropriate not to respond or even to respond.  Who to get to know and who not to get to know.  I get overwhelmed with expectations... my own of course.  I don't want someone to feel jilted or ignored because I know what its like to feel that way. I am learning how to trust that relationships will form naturally and its not my job or responsibility to force anything that isn't there, on either side.  

Although, being an introvert in a blogging world is safe, I am also learning that I can't let my shyness or introversion keep me from developing real relationships right in front of me.  I retreat into the blogging world because it's easy and somewhat safe so I need to make sure I don't overlook the relationships and needs going on in front of me.  

Are you an introvert? What are piece of advice do you give other introverts in/out of the blogging world?  

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week!

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  1. I think you hit on a really good point there. I'm an introvert too - a lot of people think that introverts are antisocial and that's not the case at all. I'm actually super social, but a little slower to warm up and I need some a lot of me time to re-energize.

    If I've learned one thing, it's that sometimes I have to step way outside my comfort zone and put myself out there. It usually pays off and people tend to be very warm and welcoming.

  2. This post describes me to a T. I am the same way, I'm very shy in large groups of people or with people that i don't know and I'm also much better 1 on 1. I'm an only child and I think that has a lot to do with it in my case because I spent a lot of time by myself growing up.

    I think that's why I love blogging as well, because it's much easier for me to express myself through my writing. Thanks for sharing this post!!

  3. Hi there! I'm following you from the Return the Favor blog hop. Stop by and visit soon.
    xo Sandra

  4. I am visiting because of a kind comment you left on my blog and so glad that it led our paths to cross.

    I, too, am an introvert. I love that you described yourself as mildly socially awkward when you are not prepared for a situation...I've never been able to put into words what you just so beautifully said. That's exactly how I feel.

    And, I feel the same expectations from blogging. I often have insecurities, when I leave thoughtful comments for someone and hear nothing back, nada, zilch, zip. It is a vast world, this blogging thing, and sometimes, the silver lining is crossing paths with someone unexpected, someone that understands, someone that gets it.


  5. You just described me to a "T". I'm a SAHM so somedays I don't even speak to another adult besides my husband. I try to engage with people but I don't want to seem pushy or nosy and I try not to feel bad it they don't answer back.

    I am glad to have read your post and am now a new follower!


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