Friday, May 4, 2012



I have been blessed with some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G women in my life.  I can't remember a year or decade that went by that I didn't have one or two or MORE women pouring their love into me with encouragement, hope, friendship!  


about 6, 7 or 300 years ago, I met the most amazing friend I think I will ever have.  She's no different then many of my other girlfriends, but at the same time she is. 

She is beyond giving!

She is extremely loving

She is patient!

She is funny!

She is encouraging!

She is challenging!

She is the best roommate!

She is unconditional!

She is flawed but doesn't pretend not to be!

She is full of grace!

She is a True Sister!

She is all of this and so much more!

I can't wait for the day that we can have family vacations with our own families.  

I can't wait for her husband to meet her and be as in awe of her as I am.

I can't wait for my future husband to meet her and say thank you for how she's prepared me for marriage!

I can't wait until our kids become best of friends.

Do you have a best friend?  If not, I encourage you to take root! To stick by someone through thick or thin, conflict or joy.  Get involved.  Be vulnerable!  Stay!  That friendship will reveal to you so much about who you are and who you become!  I promise!


  1. I love this and I love you two.

    1. LOVE YOU, TAM! Miss you! I hope CA is treating you well!

  2. such a great post!! And I love how Nico called Ashley your "sister" on Wed!! Love you guys!!

    1. THanks KT! I loved that the other day too! FIrst thing i told Ashley about the visit! LOVE YOU!

  3. This definitely got me choked up! Hope you had a sweet reunion! I actually don't have someone like this in my life. I've had close friends come into my life, and some friendships that have spanned almost two decades. I guess my sisters would have to be the closest to a friend like this. What I am saying is, what you have is truly special! So I'm glad you recognize and cherish it!


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