Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Its Raining Apples

This Sunday, I went apple picking with my church upstate.  Apple Picking is one of my most favorite events of the year. It was a tad rushed this year due to my needing to be at work at 3pm but I still had a blast and got lots of apples.  I would have gotten more but my budget and arms couldn't take much more.

 I took pictures with my real camera.  Maybe I will share those tomorrow!  

Anyway, so I have been struggling with what to make with my apples this year. Last year I did a series called "Apple A Day".   Over the course of a few weeks, I tried several apple recipes:  Apple Pie Cheesecake, Apple Pie Muffins, Apple Pie Bites, etc.  So this year I wanted to try different things but what to make?  Yesterday, I planned to make apple cider and/or Apple butter but had some other things come up so didn't end up doing those.  

Although, I did make one thing using the apples yesterday.  We made these Apple, Brie & Arugula quesadillas.  OMG.  they were so amazing.  I found some recipes yesterday that I think I am going to try and this was one of them.  Maybe I will make it again soon and will take better pictures.  

So, all this to say... What should I try this year?  I really want to make cider and apple butter.  Any good cider recipes out there? Also, anyone know how to make hard cider?  Is it complicated?  Really want to make Hard Apple Cider!  

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely fall day!

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  1. so I might need this recipe :) Looks so yummy!!

  2. That quesadilla looks SO good!!!! :) If you find a good hard cider recipe, please share!!! :)

  3. OMG YUM! Im so glad I found your blog via the giveaway on All Things Blogs. But now I'm hungry. You have a new follower here and I'm excited to read more:)

    Perhaps you'll follow back?



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