Friday, January 20, 2012

"Villa" in Teaneck

I just need to brag a little... My church's leaders are meeting this weekend for a retreat.  We found this house in Teaneck, NJ (10 minutes outside of NYC).  Its a  huge house with 8 bedrooms, a monster kitchen and lots of space. Now, when 50 people are in here I am not so sure about how spacious it will be but it will still be nice.  The price, per night, is not much more then a Manhattan 1 bedroom hotel room.

This is the master bedroom. This is a 360 degree panoramic so the room is a tad distorted but its huge and luxurious. I slept here last night. I will lose it tonight when the masses arrive but for one night i was living in luxury.

This is one of the bathrooms... its the size of my bedroom (probably bigger)... there is a walk-in shower to the left that is the size of our small bedroom

This is the living room (where I am writing this post)!

This is the "dining room" that we will be having most of our meetings.

And this is my favorite room. The kitchen is HUGE and full of lots of storage. I could make this place sing!  Right now its actually kinda depressing.  There are random things stuffed in random places. It has some stuff but doesn't have some stuff you'd think a kitchen of this size would have.

There is so much natural light in this place. I could totally get lots of writing done here and pictures for Etsy would be amazing... Oh I really want to live here...

Today, its really just me and 3 other people. And in a house this size you almost feel like its just you.  I'd eventually get sad if it were just me but for now I am enjoying the space and the kitchen.

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