Monday, April 2, 2012

Recovering... finally

This weekend was packed full of great and wonderful things.

I haven't really had a day to rest since last weekend.

Today is going to be that day.

TGC Washington Heights, my church, launched its first service this Saturday.  I did a lot to help get that ready including driving a Uhaul cargo van around the city with another TGCer picking up a van full of equipment.

Wednesday was full of creating signs and lists for the upcoming service.  Thursday was full of preparing both the Westside and Washington Heights for the upcoming weekend.  Friday was full of driving and moving.  Saturday was the launch and all the fun that went with it.  Sunday was full of time with my dad and TGC Westside activities.  All of this was done while i was sick... pretty sick.  I don't want to call it a cold... that's too small of a word.  But I am not sure it was the flu... That part of this week/weekend wasn't fun.  Trying to enjoy all that was happening was being suppressed by a virus invading my body.  BUT I did do my best and I did have a great weekend!

The launch was fantastic.  God really orchestrated and provided for a rich, encouraging time.  I can't even put into words how amazing the whole day was.  It all kind of feels like a dream.

Today, I rest.  I will let my body finally heal.  I will enjoy some good coffee, some bad TV and some much needed rest!

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