Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Things I love about being home

I know i haven't been around much.  Its been hard to find time to post things.

Here are some more things that I love about being home.

1. I had chic-fil-a three days in a row!  Its a good thing they don't have it in NYC... I'd gain 100 lbs

2. Girls Day Out. Mom and i got massages and mani/pedis.  I'd show you a picture of her but that never seems to happen.

3. Sun time by the pool, reading a good book!

4. Knitting and a little Bailey's.  I am working on my very first sweater.  Hopefully i will post more around that later.


 5. We've had a few storms, and sometimes they brought beautiful skies.

6. Getting to play with my Mom's iPad (tee hee).

7. Walking the dogs with my dad!

8. Playing in the pool.  These are all of my brother's dog.  He loves to dive into the pool. He will not take the stairs nor will he wait to see where you throw something. He'll just jump in.  Had to post them.

I've had a good time being home, being spoiled and soaking in time with my parents.  I am ready to get back to NYC but i have thoroughly enjoyed my time here with the family!

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