Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kirkwood Camp is the Place that I wanna Be

This weekend, the church I attend and now work for, had its Fall Leadership Retreat that i was finally going to get to attend.  It is at Kirkwood Camp in the Poconos.

My roommate, and a friend (and her cute baby) drove down Thursday night.

We got a chance to see an amazing sunset!  I felt like we were driving into a vortex of pretty!!  (This picture courtesy of Ashley Wilson since i was driving. They recommend not taking pictures and driving...)

We got there just as the first session was starting so we had to wait until later that night to drag our suitcases down this muddy road in pitch black....

Just to get to this lovely abode.  We slept 8 to a "tent".

Before bed, we enjoyed this loveliness and dreamt of the following evening where we'd make s'mores.

The next morning after breakfast we enjoyed another group session where we got the privilege to hear the Complaining Symphony!

After that we enjoy a great time of vision for the West Side Perish.

These are some of the beauties at Camp Kirkwood.  After lunch, the staff gathered to discuss the preparations for Hurricane Irene and what we would need to do to get everyone back to the city safely.

After deciding it would be best to head home in case they had to close bridges and tunnels, we enjoyed another session and community time before heading back to the city.  We prayed for, discussed and encouraged the new Heights Church which will likely plant sometime in 2012!

We stopped by Target on the way back to stock up on water and food. I am not sure if PA knew what hit them...

I was sad to leave Kirkwood and the awesome people gathered there, I was glad to get back to New York to be here when the storm hit.

This was Part II of my awesome weekend.  Tomorrow we'll chat more about Irene and the fun that she was.

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