Friday, April 27, 2012

Wish List

I think I am the queen of wishful thinking.  That might not be the right or best term to describe me but its close enough for now. I have grand plans.  At least on a day to day scale.

The last 2 weeks I have been working a temp job on my "off" days which meant I was working 6 days a week.  Although I loved having the structure back in my life, I did miss my days at home where I could do my creative things... I started planning all the things i wanted to do when I finally had the freedom and energy to do them.  

This is normal for me.  I'm always thinking of all the things I can do when I "finally" have the time.  The problem always comes when the "time comes".  I end up either procrastinating, spending too much time on something that doesn't matter or finding other things to do.  I find if I don't actually schedule my day ahead of time, I will waste my day.  It might look to others like an active day but to me its a big ball of waste!  I tend to look at my day as a whole and judge its productivity on the day as a whole and not the little accomplishments I made throughout the day.  I am a list person... or rather I am better when i have a list.  So i am making a wish list for my week (Friday - Friday).  I want to have these things done by end of next week.

1) Finish Cleaning my room (have been working on organizing it for months now).  No my room isn't that big... I am just a pack rat and have accumulated a lot of stuff over the last 9 years.

2) Start & finish a new Etsy creation: Have one in the works, just need to finish it.

3) Make a fiction writing goal and follow it.  This might be the hardest one to complete.  

4) COOK MORE. Make/plan out a menu.  I want to work on some ideas while Ashley is out of town. But I also want to make a plan for May.  I WANT TO COOK MORE!

5) Read More.  I have had this itch to read the bible more... But my problem is I just don't do it.  So i want to make a plan or at least schedule the time to read.  

I have more things but i should pace myself.  So here it goes.  Wish me luck.  

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