Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breaking Bread

I work for and serve a church in NYC. There are several parishes that are a part of this church.  I work for the Westside parish and I am a part of the Washington Heights parish. Each parish has its own pastor and staff. They typically speak on the same thing each week or follow the same teaching series. The Washington Heights parish is new enough that the messages haven't been the same but this Sunday they were. We had the lead/founding pastor teach at WH.

This week I got to hear the same message but from two different people. Each one adding in their own personality. The message was on Jesus and food. More specifically the role of food in the relationships Jesus had while on earth. It was basically about how we should share more meals with people. Great stuff! It's something that the heights community has been doing for a while. More recently it's been much more intentional but it's been something we've been doing for a while. 

On Saturday night, when the WH church meets, my roommate and I had a last minute invite to dinner because of that talk. We had almost made it home when we got the invite. It was a great evening that caused lots of laughter and smiles.

The following night, we had plans to hang out with some others from our community after I got off of work at the Westside. We hung out for hours over wine and snacks sharing life and laughter. 

Both nights turned a busy weekend into rich blessings! I am so grateful for my church community and what they "bring to the table." Food, wisdom, encouragement, honesty, humility, humor. 

I've been so thankful for the gifts of God through this group of people. It really changes the way you live. 

Who do you regularly share a meal with? Family? Friends? Neighbors?  We might not all be outgoing people but we can all invite someone to a meal.  I encourage you to reach out to someone this week over a meal.

** NOTE:  Here is the talk from the Westside Parish. If i end up getting the Heights link I'll repost this.

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