Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Organized

I realized in the last few weeks that i am in desperate need of getting organized.  I don't just mean physically, but mentally as well... I think it has to start a little with physically getting organized.  I am feeling super overwhelmed with all of the things I can and want to do. I never know where to start.  Having an unorganized room and apartment makes it even harder for me to get anywhere.  Its all out of control.

I have been reading lots of "Get Organized" articles and blogs.  The problem with many of them is that they are written for the suburban mom with the big house and lots of storage options... oh and a larger budget.  But when you live in a tiny Manhattan apartment with no real storage and you have half an income, getting organized feels like its next to impossible... I said "next to".  I am bound and determined to make this work.  I think i might invite you to join me. All 20 of you who might read this blog :) I might even turn it into a challenge since I can't seem to do anything without a goal to reach.  What better way then a Blog Challenge.

Now, I just have to get organized in how I am going to get organized... Dizzy? Yeah me too.

First, I thought I'd introduce you to my troubles spots.


I have A Lot of yarn.  This is just a small fraction of what I have.  I have two under the bed drawers full, this shoe organizer (only a third shown here), a box on the floor next the closet and a large basket in my closet... and then the random balls of yarn sitting around the apartment.  I have a lot and i am not sure i am ready to part with it... yet.  I feel like there will always be a project that i can use every single one for...


I have piles of stuff all over the apartment.  Half of the piles are papers and the other half probably has a ball of yarn or knitting project attached to it.  Sorting through these piles is so daunting.  I started last week by going through some drawers of papers. The pile above is part of one of that sorting.


We have a pretty amazing kitchen, by New York City standards. Its pretty large but its lacking a few very important things.  1) adequate storage space 2) Dish washer.  Now my roommate "loves" doing the dishes and I think doesn't miss the dishwasher as much I do these days.  When you cook as much as I do, keeping up with the mound of dishes can be daunting.  Many days I am ok with not having a dish washer but some days I just wish one would show up... either that or a dish fairy.

Now, my nature today is to start with the kitchen. My roommate is at work all day and then will be out tonight so i want to surprise her with it... (just ruined the surprise if she reads this) but I think in order to really make this project last i need to start with some more practical areas.  Sorry Ashley...

I have a feeling that this apartment is going to get ten times worse before it gets better...

Some "To Tackle" Areas:
What storage do I naturally have?
What containers do I have that can be used to better store stuff?
What can be thrown out?

Here we go.

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