Friday, July 29, 2011

Challenge 1: Day 4 - Watermelon Granita

Its been hot lately... Last week it was in the 100s for 3 or 4 days. In our 3 bedroom, 1 AC window unit apartment, that's very very hot... There is nowhere to escape to.  In the hope of relief, my roommate and I were forced to eat a lot of ice cream (insert the screams).  We both have a control issue when it comes to anything ice cream related... Its a sickness.

So in a fit of desperation, I went in search of a healthier, cold option.   It didn't take me long.  One of my newest addictions is  I seriously live on that site.  Front and center was this yummy recipe... so  grabbed my bags and my wallet and off to the store i went to hunt and gather some watermelon.

Watermelon Granita is super easy to make and even yummier to eat.

You need:
1/2 - 1 watermelon
2 limes

I made it again this week and made some adjustments.

First thing is to cut up a watermelon.  The size depends on how much you want to make.  The first time, I used 1/2 and the second time I used 1/4 of a watermelon and both yielded days of yummy frozen goodness.

After yo have cut up the watermelon into small to medium chunks, throw them in the blender.  You might have to do half at a time.

Add lemon juice or lime juice, whichever you prefer.  The original called for 2 limes.  I use lime juice in a bottle.  (I am lazy).  

Blend away.  You might need to push down the watermelon to get it started... Once it gets going thought, it blends in the blink of an eye.

I added blueberries on the first attempt and this time, I added strawberries and mango.  MMMMM... Blend until content and smooth.

Pour the contents into a glass pan.

Put in freezer, covered for 2 hours.

With a fork or spoon, scrape the top layer.  Place back in freezer

Repeat this every two hours.   It will help the final process if you do it as you go.  If you don't have time to do that or if you start this too late in the day, it will be fine.  You will just spend a little more time scraping as you use it.

Place into a bowl, cup, or fancy glass and you are all ready for a yummy, frozen delight.

I love this cause all it is, is watermelon and limes... that's it...

Additionally:  You can also turn this into a very lovely mixed drink by adding the ice mixture and some Malibu rum in a blender and blending until perfect.  Its rather heavenly and somewhat dangerous.

Enjoy and stay cool.

... i might go eat some now.... shhh don't tell my roommate.

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