Saturday, August 25, 2012

{Writing} From Dream To Screen

Its no secret that I like to write... at least anymore.  I prefer story telling over anything else but story telling is so much harder.  Going from an initial idea to getting the idea down on paper is the hardest part.  For some reason blog posts are 100 times easier then stories but even blog posts are hard sometimes.

This week, as a part of Mama Kat's Writing Prompts, I chose "Share your writing process. How long does it take an idea in your head to get published on your blog?"

Typically, ideas are the easy part.  I have ideas come to me at the weirdest times and often.  In the shower, on the subway, as I drift off to sleep, in the middle of a sermon... Rarely do they come when I am in a place I can stop and actually write.  Often, my ideas come to me like Twitter or Facebook statuses.  They will be a short idea or phrase that often leads to further detail.  

If I am lucky and good, then I will stop whatever I am doing and write down the idea and the top 2-3 points/leads to that idea.  This rarely happens. I often will fool myself into thinking I'll remember it and why I thought it.  But 96% of the time, its gone the second I move my attention to something else.  

When I get a chance to sit down and flesh out an idea, often times the inspiration that came to me a "flash of genius" is often a faint glimmer.  If I am feeling inspirited, I might try and write anyway.  That usually leads to a different version of the original intention but is sometimes better.  

There are times I schedule out writing time with no real idea in mind.  Some of those times, inspiration comes and I will write about whatever is on my mind.  Other times, its a wasted hour or two and I end up checking emails or reading other blogs.  That happens more times then I'd like to admit.

My creative writing/story telling often happens in the same pattern. It leans a lot more on the unfinished and uninspired side.  Often, because its a long piece, I will get 20-30 pages in and lose my motivation. I can't count the amount of stories I have started and not finished.  Maybe one day I'll save up some money and head somewhere with just my computer (no internet) and just write for a couple of days.  Wonder if that will flesh out any of these ideas swimming around in my head.

The last step typically in my blog post writing is finding the right pictures. I prefer to have images in my posts but I prefer to have my own photos.  I try my best to find something I have already taken or if I have time, I will take pictures just for a particular post.  

So that's how this thing called writing tends to work for me.  Its a little ADD and random, like I am.

What's your process?

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  1. That's exactly what happens to me - little thoughts or phrases will come into my head and I will write them down and try to expand on them later. If I remember, that is! :) I rarely have time to sit by myself and think, so my inspiration sometimes is a little lacking, but I try!

  2. I always forget! The second I come up with something, I forget it.
    I don't really have a process either, I try to but I always figure out I don't really need one I just write when I think of things, and schedule them while I'm still inspired.

  3. I was sent by bree. so excited to have found your blog1

  4. I love your attitude! I tend to forget of something quickly. When it comes to story telling I often end up telling a very long story. I tend to write whatever is on my heart/mind. I have a 'photo blog' so just about every post I publish consist of the photograph's I'm sharing.

  5. I like to carry a little notebook with me to write down those ideas of the moment...but currently I can't find that little notebook so that's no good! I absolutely love writing, but I also think it's better when a few pictures are involved, so I'm often either going through old photos to find something that matches (usually I have a specific photo in mind, I just can't remember which folder it's in! ahh!) or I have to take new ones. I like the word part better than the picture part of creating, myself.


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