Monday, May 7, 2012


I've been talking about getting organized for months now.  And I have actually been doing well with it... at least with the limited space and resources I have living in NYC.  But today, I thought I'd share with you some ideas I found on Pinterest.  If I had the money and the space, I'd totally incorporate many of these ideas.


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I love the old crate look.  I wonder how hard it is to score old crates like this.  I bet the palettes like in the one on the right is easier since i see them everywhere... but knowing NYC... they are infested...  The crates on the left would be SOOO perfect. They would be a great solution to our bookcase issue and storage for things like books, yarn, various crafting projects.

Speaking of yarn and crafting.  I have about the same amount of yarn that you see in the picture on the top left. Its stored in various places in my room.  I don't really have the space for the piece on the right but i love the idea. I saw something similar in Hobby Lobby over Christmas in Huntsville. It was smaller and a dark wood.  It was beautiful but way above my budget... which lets be honest is like $5.... TOTAL.  I love the idea of the coffee canisters on the bottom but obtaining them is probably harder then I'd like.  That's more of an up-cycling thing and getting those kind of coffee containers would 1) take a long time and 2) would mean getting a different kind of coffee.

 I don't have the closet to do something like this but i wish i had the containers to do it! I could have some LABELING FUN!  We have some shelves in our kitchen that this would help make more attractive! I need the organizing genie to make them appear in order to make this happen but a girl can at least dream, right?

These would be great adds to the kitchen to help clean it up a little.  We do have the tins for spices.  Making the labels would be awesome and a creative way to class it up a little!  The drink dispensers has been on my list for over a year now.  Can you imagine my sangria (I'll have to post my sangria someday) or some Pioneer woman Iced coffee in those.... oh salivating now!


A little Wall art to balance out the white walls in our place and to store some of the various things we have. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the suitcase on the wall idea. Almost as much as i love the crates... probably more!  We have also been talking about putting some art up in the kitchen and bathroom to make it look a little more homey.


OK SO these are just a tad bit of a shameless plug but I PROMISE they are also needed for this home.  I make these to sell so I rarely ever have any for us to use.  I need to make some. This just means doing it... 

Hope you enjoyed my organizing babbling!  Getting organized and pinterest are two of my favorite things these days!


  1. I have close to 10 coffee containers with your name on them. Let me know if you want them! XO Love these creative organization ideas! XO

    1. YOU ARE AWESOME. I will email you now! THanks!

  2. Hi there! I found your blog via Covered in Grace! I am in desperate need of some organization over at my house. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Kim those are some great pins there! love all the vintage looking organization, functional and gorgeous! thanks for linking up!!



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