Friday, December 2, 2011

Knitting Machine

This week has been a busy week.  Between preparing for Cyber Monday, my church job and doing the books for a non-profit I volunteer for, I have been a little manic.  Late nights, long days have left me, this Friday, constantly ready for a nap.  But I have to say, for the most part, I have enjoyed what I am doing.  I love the creative side of my life and how that often weaves into my day to day life.  

In all of the craziness, I have been working on 3 projects.  One is for a friend's daughter, one is an attempt at a request from a friend of a friend and the other is something I just wanted to try out.  

Looks like a torture device, doesn't it.  A friend of a friend asked if I could make knitted toddler pants. I looked up a knitted cargo pants pattern and am trying it out.  So far its been an easy, yet challenging adventure.  I knit my first cuff, which for me was fun... I know, I am weird. I think the pattern will be relatively easy as its just a simple knit stitch... For those who don't knit, that's the most basic stitch you can use.  If you can knit a scarf, you can knit this. The only problem is that they are on double pointed needles in the round, so it looks super complicated but its really knot. (tee hee) I'm a nerd

This is a super soft, super warm, super chunky blanket I am knitting for a friend. Its a custom order.  I am in love with this blanket as is my roommate. If it weren't for the pinks and purples I think we'd have a hard time giving it away :)  The pattern is super easy too. 

This is going to be button up leg warmers or boot covers.  Knit with an Alpaca wool blend.  The yarn is lavender ish color. Its hard to tell in this picture.  Its interesting to see how it will turn out.  I plan to get buttons for it tomorrow.  I am sure this will end up on Etsy soon.

Knitting is relaxing for me. I can do it while watching TV, talking to my roommate, on the subway, etc.  I think if my hands and schedule would let me, I'd knit all day.  

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