Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Love

I think Thanksgiving is becoming one of my most favorite Holidays.  The idea of being with people you love, cooking and eating amazing food, tied with the feel of fall and the beginning of the Christmas season, puts it on the top of my list.

This year, I have had/will have three thanksgivings.  The first with my church's missional community.  The second with my brother and his family and the third on Thanksgiving day with friends from my community.  

When we decided to stay in the city this year, we weren't sure if we'd have enough interest because of the short notice but in the span of 3 or 5 days we went from 2 people to 16 (possibly more then that).  We'll know more on the day.

From planning the menu to decorating the apartment, I am truly enjoying what this Holiday is turning out to be.  Knowing that we'll have a house full of people who I adore makes me want to skip through the streets :) (Wonderful image isn't it?)  I can't wait for the follow up post.  

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