Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Want For Christmas


We all want them!  

Regardless of what we end of doing, we all probably have a not so secret secret list somewhere of what we want for Christmas.  To be honest, this year, I am just glad to be home with my parents.  Its been a rough few months so I am glad I can wrap my arms around them.  

But I too have a wish list. I even made it a pinterest board.

What's on your wish list this Christmas?

I asked some of my blogging friends what's on theirs!

Courtney from Baxtron{Life}
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"This year - I've asked the hubs to commit to one year of Saturday breaks for me. Meaning - I'd love to have one day off a week where I didn't have to cook, clean or be the main caregiver --- its a free gift in terms of money and essentially priceless!"

Lanaya from Reagan's Toy Chest
Reagan's Toy Chest:  Facebook ~ Twitter 

Sarah from Folderol & Frippery

"I'd love gift cards from Think Geek and JCPenney! If nothing else, I'm usually pretty thrilled with a bottle of good, sweet wine!"

Amy from The Ramblings from Miss AimyMichelle

"A kindle fire HD is on my wishlist.

Danielle from Football & Rainbows
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"Amazon giftcard, Torrid giftcard, iPad, Toms &
Things for my new house"

Nicole Robinson from Scraptastic Memories

"Just more craft stuff. You can never have enough!!"

"I love this necklace from J Crew. It's more expensive than I'd usually ask for, but I'd love it.

Britt from Yellow Umbrella
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"I always have the worst trouble coming up with gift ideas for Christmas...maybe because my ultimate gift would be an iMac and that is a little expensive. I would love some black riding boots and definitely clothes though!"

What on your list?

Have a great Christmas, everyone!


  1. umm pretty sure you and I are twinsies our wish lists are like IDENTICAL!

    I hope you get everything you asked for:):)

  2. love the boots and the tablet

  3. That J Crew necklace is beautiful!



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