Monday, September 10, 2012

Prayer Bracelet

Several months ago, my co-worker was talking about his prayer bracelet.  Its a bracelet/string of beads that he carries around.  He uses it as a tool to help pray constantly and to focus his prayers. Each bead on the bracelet represents a person that he prays for.  I thought it was a great idea but just never put the effort into making one. 

Lately, I have really wanted to do better at praying consistently and consciously!  I really wanted to take some radical and practical steps in my spiritual walk.  I felt like I was way too comfortable with how things were going.  I wanted more.  

So I finally took action and made one.  My office is in an area of the city that has lots of fabric and bead stores.  My co-worker told me of one that has more options and cheaper prices.  So after work one day I stopped by.  I took the time to pick out a bead for each key person in my life. One for each family member, my co-workers, my small group girls and a few others.  I didn't want the bracelet to turn into a necklace so for some I grouped people together or had a general one for a certain group of people, including my blogging friends.

The point of this bracelet, for me, is to prompt me to pray for people throughout the day.  It doesn't have to be 5 minute prayers or even one minute prayers. For some its a one sentence prayer, depending on where the Holy Spirit leads me for that person.  I find that as I am walking from place to place, I started fingering the beads subconsciously which leads me to pray for whatever bead my fingers land on.

This has been a great tool for me to really get focused.  I tend to wonder in thoughts and prayers.  Lately my prayer life had dwindled.  In the morning, i was struggling to stay focused and at night... well the same thing. I felt overwhelmed by praying for everything and everyone all at once.  I wanted to pray for them but I just couldn't stay motivated.  This allows me not only to narrow my focus but to limit me from wondering.  It also gives me the freedom to pray briefly and as the spirit leads which actually happens more often this way.

The beads I found were anywhere from $.15 to $1.  I used a magnet closure on it. I didn't really need it since I was using elastic thread but it allows me to unfasten it and use it as a string of beads if I wanted.  The magnet also represents something or a few somethings really.

My bracelet pretty much has a different style of bead for each person but my co-worker has similar styles but either different colors or letters stamped on them.  

If you are interested in having one made for you, let me know.  I'd be happy to discuss the options.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  


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  1. I absolutely love this idea! I'd love to talk to you about one!!

  2. This is a cool idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Weekly Mingle Hop last week:) I was a little behind on following the hosts I guess but I've got you covered now;)

  3. What a great idea!!

    What a lovely site!! Im here from the link up and Im following you with BlogLovin!! Would love it if you would follow back!!
    So glad I will be able to keep up with you. Thanks for the little inspiration today!!

  4. That's a really sweet idea! It's so thoughtful and I'll bet it really works to remind you to pray and think of some specific people. And it's cute. Thanks for sharing about it!

    New follower via Bloglovin'. :)

  5. What a super idea! Something to keep with you all day ... love it. I'm going to take a stab at making one myself. Thanks so much for posting this great idea!!

    New follower today from "Covered in Grace"!


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