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SANGRIA, Sangria, sangria

So, I am not often outwardly proud of anything I create or do except for my Sangria.  I am not only proud of it, I am pretty much a Sangria snob.  I often refuse to order Sangria at a restaurant because I know it won't be as good as mine.  If its given to me, ok. But I won't pay for it.  

A few years ago, some friends introduced me to Calle Ocho.  It's a restaurant in town that has free unlimited Sangria with your brunch entree.  Now, if it's free, you assume its going to be low-effort, right? Nope. It's phenomenal.  There is one that I love called the Spanish Harlem.  It's a red Sangria with big chunks of strawberries, blueberries, and other berries. It also has a cinnamon stick or two in it.  After looking at it for a while, I thought I'd try and make it. 

I did, and I have never looked back. Its a hot ticket at church picnics, thanksgiving dinners, etc.  I have been wanting to share the recipe with you for a long time but I haven't made it in a while until recently.  I made it Friday night for some friends and thought "Here is my opportunity to share the Love."  

* Disclaimer #1 - It must be prepared atleast 12 hours ahead, preferably 18-24.  Trust Me.
** Disclaimer #2 - Once its marinated for more then 12 hours, the alcohol taste will be minimal.  Which means be careful how much you drink.  Its really easy to over do it.

I hope you enjoy!

Red Sangria
What you need:
Fruit: 2-3 cups Berries
Alcohol: 1/2-1 cup brandy, rum, or sweet bourbon
(1) .75 liter Red Wine
(1) 8oz-10oz bottle of juice
1-2 small-medium cinnamon sticks
1 pitcher

I typically use berries in this sangria.  It can be to your taste.  I prefer strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  You can also use apples.  I sometimes use 1/2-1 bag of frozen berries you can get at grocery stores.  The fruit won't look as pretty but the juices will mingle a little better.  

Cut the strawberries into smaller pieces.  Its up to you how small or big they are. The bigger they are, the more alcohol they will absorb and the sweeter your sangria will be.  

Then you'll add the harder liquor.  I like to use brandy or this honey bourbon (Sweet Lucy).  I've used flavored brandy before and it was yummy.  Add about 1/2 - 1 cup.  You don't necessarily need to cover the fruit but fill it 3/4 of the way on the fruit.

The key to my Sangria is the cinnamon stick.  I put 2 small to medium sized sticks in but if you aren't sure about the cinnamon then just add one the first time.  

I let the bourbon sit for 2-3 hours in the fruit before going to the next step.  

Next you'll add the wine.  After you let it sit in the bourbon (or whatever you used), you'll add the wine.  I suggest you buy a cheap bottle of wine.  It DOES NOT need to be quality wine.  I prefer to use a drier wine.  If it sits for 12-24 hours, it will definitely sweeten up.  If you like a really sweet sangria then you can use a sweet red but using a dry wine will still turn out pretty sweet.  

You'll then let this sit in the refrigerator for another 8-10 hours.  Depending on when you started the wine.  If you make it the night before, then let it sit over night.  If same day, make sure it sits for at least 8 hours.  The longer you let it sit, the more the fruit will absorb the alcohol and the sweeter it will become.  

The very last step is to add a bottle/can of fruit juice. I prefer a comparable flavor like this Watermelon Strawberry.  I usually won't add this until right before I serve the Sangria.  

This is my Sangria.  The more fruit you use the better as it will absorb more of the alcohol and the sweeter the drink will be. Also, the more fruit per glass you'll have.  Now, please remember that the fruit has now absorbed a lot of the alcohol so be careful as you munch on it.  You can inadvertently get drunk on the fruit alone.  This drink can be dangerous.  You won't realize what you are doing until you feel the buzz.  So DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

I hope you enjoy.  If you try it, please come back and let me know what you thought or how you changed it up.

I also make a mean White Sangria.  That might take me a while to post.  Email me if you want that recipe.

Have a Lovely Sunday

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  1. that sounds fab......I think I will attempt it!

  2. I am going to make this....I have a party to go to and might take a jug for the birthday girl. Gotta love anyone who loves Sandra!

    Thank you,

    Rosie xx

  3. This sounds refreshing!We are not alcohol drinkers, but I think hubbie would like this, have to get some bourbon first, thanks for this!

  4. Yum, I love sangria! I want to try this the next time we have a girls night in. I love rum, so I'll try it using that and see how it turns out! :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. this looks DELICIOUS!! new follower here :) please come check out my blog some time!

  6. This looks so good!!! I made berry sangria earlier this summer and it was a huge fail but I did not do it the same way at all! I've got to try your recipe!

  7. This sounds/looks amazing! I'll have to try this one day!

  8. Hi, new follower from Monday Meet Up!
    You're welcome to come check out my blog - have a lovely day.

  9. This looks lovely. I saw from your post on COvered in Grace that you are learning to sew, which is something I am taking baby steps with at the moment too. It's hard and kinda frustrating but I think it will be worth it!


  10. Well done Kim! Congrats for being featured at covered in grace. Visiting you from the hop.
    Have a great week ahead!

  11. Looks great! When my friends Nd I make sangria, we will sometimes cut it with champagne instead of juice or ginger ale... It's delicous! I found you on the blog hop

  12. Thanks for sharing! Definitely will have to try this at some point. I love Calle Ocho....amazing sangria!!! I'm a NYer, too :) Found you via your ad with Mia at Chronicles of Chaos.

    Andrea -


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