Monday, June 4, 2012

Pinterest - I Love Old Things

I am a little late in posting today. The weekend proved to be a somewhat busy one and today I ended up playing tourist and computer nurse so just now getting to the post.  :/ 

As I was looking on Pinterest, I started thinking about my own photography and the times I had the most fun. I also thought about my love of all things old.  It drew me to some of these items.  If I could collect them all, I'd be a happy gal! via Kim via Pinterest 
This one started it off, but then the others just fell into sight! I wish they'd fall into my life :)

Source:Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest
Source: via Kim via Pinterest

Source: via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest

Source: via Kim via Pinterest

Source: via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest via Kim via Pinterest

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  1. You found some really great old stuff! For some reason, I especially like that vintage coffee machine.

  2. I know, right? I kind of wish they still existed... I know everything now is more sleek and pretty but there is just something beautiful about that big thing :) Thanks for the comment! Have a lovely day.


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