Wednesday, January 9, 2013

13 in 2013: Moving Forward & A giveaway

Good Morning my sweet friends.... I simply love that i can call many of you real friends! I've loved how the blogging world has been such a rich blessing of beautiful friends...

Anyway, today i just want to talk about a couple of my 13 in 2013 goals that I set last week. After that, I have a fabulous giveaway as a part of 9 days of health giveaways. 

2 of my goals for this year are 1) Work on my spiritual growth and 2)  Finish reading through the bible.  They really work together as one goal but i needed to differentiate as they can be two separate challenges.

I've talked about my faith and my growth several times on my blog.  Its something that is very important to who i am and how i function day to day yet its always the first thing that suffers when life happens.  My faith as a priority is the first thing that gets ignored.  Its been very evident to me this last year just how asleep and dry its gotten.  The motivation just has not been there.  I can easily find 10 other things to fill my time, my mental energy.  I had a spell this summer/fall when things started to turn around a little. I was reading through the New Testament (for the first time really) and was gleaning so much from that time.  But then we switched to the old testament (which i was super excited about) and then I lost all interest.  It also corresponded with my mom getting sick.  Life was happening and in the midst my desire to really seek the lord had all but vanished.  I was too focused on my environment and trying to make it all make sense that I couldn't/wouldn't trust and lean on the Lord for help, guidance, support, freedom.  I was getting uber frustrated that I "thought" i had a grand desire to go deeper but nothing was happening. the motivation just wasn't there.  

Do you watch the Biggest loser?  Jillian is back. She's the simon Cowell of the fitness world. She's super intense and often just MEAN.  THis time around she seems to be on mean steroids she's so harsh.  As she was yelling at one of her team  members who wasn't doing what she thought was enough, she asked her why she was here and she said she wanted to get healthier and Jillian said "no you don't. You don't want it enough"  I think that is similar to where I am spiritually. I cry, I scream for things to change but when it comes down to making the effort, putting in the hard work of getting healthier I don't lift the fingers. So do i really want it? Deep down, probably but I don't want it enough to do something about it... until now.

So since I am a goal person!  I really do get some kind of charge from it. I thought I'd make it a 2013 goal... it should be a life time goal but that mentally wouldn't work for me ;) One year at a time... hec one day at a time.  I don't know how i begin to measure or even task out this goal. I just know that it has to happen.  So here are some ways that I plan to work on my spiritual growth.  
*Side note- If i am being totally honest, until this post I haven't done any of these things... :/

1) Finish reading the covenant history (Genesis - Kings)
(read 20 minutes a day)
2) Journal more (10-15 minutes a day)
3) Read more spiritually focused books.
4) Work fasting in. (this has been on my mind for over a year but fear, pride and procrastination keep getting in my way)
5) Find accountability

These are just some of the tangible goals. I have a few other ideas floating around but those will wait until I can mentally flesh them out.

One way that I will help keep myself accountable is I plan on writing a post every wednesday based on what I am discovering in God's word. I will hopefully join that up with Into the Word Wednesday.  Its the Old testament so we'll see how that goes ;)

Ok so now to the giveaway.  I've joined up with some amazing ladies for the 9 days of healthy giveaways.  If you missed Day 1 and Day 2, its totally not too late.  I am giving away clean green kitchen items.

I hope you're having fun entering these daily giveaways! I know we're having fun sharing them with you! 
What have you been inspired to do this year that will lead to a greener, cleaner and healthier you?

Today we have another awesome gift up for grabs! Andrea over at A Modern Hippie is here today giving away some really nice Lemon Peppermint Cleaning Scrub! I think this stuff looks amazing and am kind of jealous of the person who will win it! :) 

As you can see, this cleaning scrub can be used on almost anything from your sink, to the tub to counters and more...I'm sure the sky is the limit! And how great will your home smell? 

If you haven't "met" Andrea yet, you must get over to her blog and get to know her. She has a very similar view on all things crunchy that I, Kristina, do and I really enjoy her perspective! Please stop by and say hello and thank her for this great giveaway! 

And if you haven't entered the first two days of this fun fun giveaway, here's your chance! And don't forget to spread the word! :)

Happy Entering!


  1. I would use this in the kitchen!

    1. the kitchen needs a good scrubbing, especially the kitchen sink!!


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