Thursday, January 17, 2013

13 in 2013: Getting Organized

I'm an admin girl. Almost every job I have had since I was 21 has been some sort of administrative job. I am good at being that person.  When it comes to other people!  But when it comes to my own life.... I can't do it to save my life!

I am messy!  Not dirty but messy. I always have been. I have all sorts of piles all over the apartment. I'd love to say its just in my room but unfortunately for my roommate it flows into every other room.  

The thing is... I don't know how it gets that way.  When I clean, I think "this is it. I will be better after this."  But then 2 days later there are piles.  I honestly don't see myself doing it.  I am half convinced there are little messy trolls running around throwing my stuff about.

The last year or so I have tried everything to get more organized.  I have read blogs, pinned pins, and  crafted to get myself more organized.  Slowly I can see it getting better but its not quite there yet.  

So I thought if I made it one of my 13 and I promised to blog about it that maybe the extra accountability would help... Now I know these goals that I blog about are still my goals and you aren't going to be checking in but I like to pretend that someone will... hey whatever it takes, right?  So that is my plan. And in true Kim fashion I have broken this goal down into smaller goals that i can do throughout the year. (ps-trying to remember that this is 13 in 2013 and not 13 in january).

So here goes the Get Organized List for 2013

1) Purge - Get rid of all that unneeded stuff. (clothes, materials, yarn, shoes, etc)
Already started tackling some of these.

2) Coffee Canister Wall - Already have up some but want to put up more!

3) Put clothes away at the end of the day

4) Spend 10 minutes a day putting things away.

I have lots of goals this year, huh?  Well hopefully they will keep me busy!

THanks for stopping by, friends!

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  1. Wow! You've got a lot of yarn! I love those coffee canister things... makes me wish I drank coffee so I could make some of those...

  2. that is amazing! haha if you want to get rid of any you can feel free to send it to me :)

  3. I am the exact same way. My house is a giant organized mess. My goal for the year is to keep my kitchen table & counters clear (so far, it hasn't happened). Good luck with your mission!

  4. What are you planning on doing with that yarn you want to get rid of?

  5. Newest follower from the Resolutions In Motion GFC Hop. Great tips on getting organize.

    Bunny Girl Blog
    Love of Reading


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