Saturday, August 18, 2012

{Feature Post} KENDRA from A Proverbs 31 Wife

The joy of having sponsors is that you get to know some great people.  Today, I want to introduce you to one of my Large Feature Sponsors, Kendra from A Proverbs 31 Wife.  

Hello, I'm Kendra and I blog at... wait! where are you going? Don't you want to read the rest of the awesomeness I am typing up for you?

Oh, I get it, guest posts are boring. Yeah, I just went through one of my readers and basically skimmed all the guest posts. Why? Boring! And when you have some one like me, who may or may not suffer from ADHD it's really hard to be interested.
Speaking of ADHD, my husband is diagnosed with ADHD. I'm not, at least not by a Doctor. Know why? I hate Dr.s I tend to argue with them a lot, I even argue with my dentist. No! Floride is very bad for you! Where did you go to school at? Ok, so maybe I am a little nicer than that, but you get the point.
Now where was I? Oh yeah, talking about how I may or may not have ADHD. I think I'm going to blog about it one of these days, maybe even put in a part about how I helped hubby get off of his medicine completely and is now taking natural supplements and doing great.

What do I blog about? Well I try to keep it fun. I even blogged about my cat once. And no, I'm not a crazy cat lady! Speaking of the cat, she's out of food, better go right it on the list.
Ok, now where was I? Oh yeah, something else I blog about? My Jesus. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ and he is my savior. I enjoy sharing bits of inspiration as I go.
Know what happened when I was a tween? I burnt everything I tried cooking! Now? I am an awesome cook! lol Not to sound like I have a big head or any thing, but hubby is gaining weight, I think that may become a problem!
Oh shoot, what just happened? I meant to type up this nice little post telling you all about my blog and I seem to have gotten off track. That happens a lot. :) But this time I will leave it. If you really want to find out more about my blog, maybe you should just pop on over and see what you can see.
My name is Kendra and I may or may not had ADHD. Oh yeah, and I blog at A Proverbs 31 Wife!

Thanks Kendra, for stopping by and sharing with us! 

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