Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinterest: DIY LOVE

I love to create or recreate.  Its so much fun for me. Pinterest is a great way to find new projects.  This week, I want to share with you some DIY projects I want to try and tackle this summer. 


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Ravelry.com on Pinterest

Ravelry.com on Pinterest

I love to knit and I am pretty quick to pick up patterns.  These are some ideas I have actually worked on.  The cozy: I have been playing with different ideas. I haven't gotten one I am completely happy with yet but getting there. The leggings: (Now out of season) I actually started over Christmas but never finished. My plan is to finish it this summer.  This way I'll have a set for next Fall/Winter.

myworldmadebyhand.blogspot.com on Pinterest

I've actually made these or similar items and sold them on etsy. I am now working on similar but larger scale items using epoxy. I need to make more pendants.

marthastewart.com on Pinterest
poppytalk.blogspot.com on Pinterest
creativeinchicago.com via Christy on Pinterest
marthastewart.com via Pat on Pinterest
marthastewart.com via Tricia on Pinterest

These would be great to package up my etsy items.  They also involve a lot of upcycling.   I have old cardstock, sweaters and felt that would be great to experiment with.

Make It-Love It on Pinterest

leethal.net on Pinterest

Livy Lou Designs on Pinterest

Sugardoodle.net on Pinterest

These are great ideas as well that I have wanted to try out.  I have a sowing machine my mom gave me that I need to conquer.  Some of these projects would be great for that.

What are some of your summer DIY/Craft projects?

Thanks to Kimberly from A Night Owl and Courtney from BaxtronLife for deeming my pallet organization pin as last week's pinning-est.

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  1. oh my goodness...love love love.. the sweater leggings and cup holder?? sooo cute!! i had so many ppl meet and tweet the other day, i dont remember who i all thanked personally...but if i didnt already say hello, i wanted to =) thanks so much for the follow...


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