Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby Its Cold Outside

All week the forecasters have been talking about how we were expected to get snow flurries.  Even this morning as i was watching the news, they said the snow wouldn't start until the evening.  But as I was making soup this morning, I turned around to see the largest flakes known to man falling just outside my window.

My first thought was that it wouldn't last long and definitely wouldn't stick. But an hour or two later, I looked outside my window to see this.

I had gone out briefly today to run to our little grocery across the street (Liberato).  Its the place with the helicopter.  (See above)

This is what I saw. These pictures do not do the snow justice.  Usually my phone doesn't pick up snow at all, so the fact that you can see it now means something.

On my second trip to liberato, I left the building to find this!  That's a lot of snow... ESPECIALLY FOR OCTOBER.  Yes, its not a big deal for late December, January and even February but its OCTOBER... Where did fall go?  Come back, please!

So in an effort to maximize this ugly, cold, winter day, I stayed in and made soup (Thai Roasted Squash Soup, to be posted at a later date).  I also finished up a project that my roommate and I thought up and started.

Its hard to see in this picture, but the darker pieces are swirly vine type designs running over a dark brown canvas.  The green squares have three words on them.  Character (Romans 5:1-5). Strength (2 Corinthians 12: 9-10). Humility (Matthew 11: 28- 30).

When I was done with this project, I made some pumpkin apple muffins for church tomorrow. I will post those another day I am sure.  

Today turned out to be a nice day despite the snow. I was glad I didn't really have to get out in it.  I hope that this is not indicative of how our winter will go.  I guess we shall see.

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