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Toys! Toys! Toys! - Feb 23, 2011

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I was and still am that kid who once she knows there are toys under the tree, she must unwrap them. As a child, i was the one who went hunting for the stash before holidays and even before birthdays. Trying to find where they could have been hidden. I remember one year i even admitted to my adult neighbor that i had found where they were hiding this years Christmas presents. Now that wasn't the brightest of ideas. That's how impatient i am when it comes to gifts!!!

My birthday is coming up and i already have a gift sitting in my chair waiting for me to rip into it. Another gift i have waiting for me is from the US Govt. My tax return has finally come in and just in time for me to buy the one thing i have wanted for ages. The Canon 60D. Its now probably not as top of the line as it was 6 months ago but its in my refund budget so that's all that matters.

I had this goal to wait until my birthday to get the camera. I am not sure why i wanted to wait. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the refund wasn't due until Feb. 25th (my birthday) so it made sense to wait till then. But now its here. Waiting, taunting me. But if i were to get the camera now, i would be so distracted wanting nothing more then to play with it. My post a picture a day thing would finally be a more achievable goal. Why? not because i don't currently have a decent camera, but because i would have a new toy to play with which would force me to get out and shoot. See, as i write, i am talking myself into getting it at this moment. Patience hasn't always been something i have been good at.

So hopefully soon, you will start seeing more picture posts!

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