Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Heart NY

Its hard to believe that 10 years ago tomorrow I moved to New York City.  Before March of 2003, moving to New York was never on my list. Chicago, London, South America, yes, but never New York.  But fortunately God had another plan for me and New York was apparently in that plan.  

When I moved here I legitimately thought I'd be here 2 years and then I'd move to one of the places listed above.  But a 2 year contract became 3 years and then I was permanently hired by the church I worked for.  After that, moving wasn't an option, I was hooked. OK lets be honest. I was hooked on Day 1.

So here I am 10 years later and I have absolutely no desire to leave.  My plans for life are definitely not what I thought they would be 10 years ago but for now, I am content with where they are.

Ironically enough, the last week... month, I've had more people ask me about fun things to do in the city than I've had in a long time.  My only issue is, as a resident, what I consider fun and what non-New Yorkers consider fun are totally different.  So its taken some brain power to think through what I would recommend to other people.  I thought, in honor of 10 years in the city, I would share with my New York friends and my non-New York friends some of my favorite sites in the city. (these are in no particular order and yes I took all of the photos below) 

Don't worry tomorrow I'll share some more personal memories of my 10 years in the city.  

Central Park
Central Park is a great, laid back place to visit.  It is Manhattan's biggest park. The park begins at 59th Street (midtown) and goes all the way up to 110th Street (Harlem).  There are lots of places to visit within the park such as Bethesda fountainThe Lake (canoes available and prices are not bad), Strawberry fields (John Lennon memorial), Belvedere CastleConservatory GardensCentral Park Zoo etc.

Natural History Museum
The museum is one of hundreds of museums in the city.  Most people don't know that they have a suggested donation, which means, pay what you want.  If you aren't seeing an exhibit and just enjoying the museum you can pay what you want. It is located at 79th Street and Central Park West (across from Central Park)

Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island Ferry is a great FREE option for the city.  It takes you from the southern tip of Manhattan to Staten Island and then you can get a ferry back.  Its totally free.  You see the statue of liberty and the city from decent views.  

Brooklyn Bridge
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is a must. Its a nice walk and you get great views of the city.  AND ITS FREE.  The Brooklyn Bridge is at the south eastern tip of the island and leads to Brooklyn.  

Grand Central Station
They are celebrating 100 years this year but it is a great stop on any walking tour.   Its beautiful and has rich history. There are some must sees in the station, such as the main concourse and the whispering arches.  Grand Central is located at Park Ave and 42nd Street (Midtown). 

George Washington Bridge
I have lived blocks from the bridge for years now and until this summer had never walked across. Its a shame because its one of the best views of the city!  I am totally hooked and even more in love with the bridge and the neighborhood.

These are just a few of the great things to do in the city.  I could list several more but I think that is enough. Come back tomorrow for a walk through my life in the BIG CITY!

What are your New York Favorites?


  1. You listed all of my favorites, but you didn't mention treating yourself to Grimaldi's after walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

  2. So I am so glad you came to NYC!! Can't imagine living in this City without you! :) And...I'm also thinking I need to pay you to cover one of our home walls in NYC pictures!! :) Those pictures are amazing and I want so more art on my walls! :) What say you??? Love you!!


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