Friday, November 2, 2012

New Shop Name & A Giveaway

Last week I asked you, my readers, to help come up with a new name for my Etsy Shop!  I got some amazing ideas.  

Today I am happy to announce the new name.  

If you've been by my shop in the last day or two you might have already noticed it. 

Thanks to Brittany from Yellow Umbrella I chose a variation of her City Girl Creates Idea.  I was surprised by my decision not to use my name in the title but I do love it!

Brittany won her choice of 

Thank you to everyone else who helped me find a new name!

Brittany is not the only winner!  I am holding a giveaway for $15 store credit to my newly named shop.  Help me get the word out and you could win!

City Girl Creations
Stop by my shop over the next week and you get 20% off your order.  Use the code 20OFFCGC at checkout.

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  1. Yay! That is so exciting! I love your banner and I am so happy you found a new shop name!

  2. I love the tan infinity scarf! :)

  3. Infinity scarves are always great. I would probably go with the grey one, although the red one is tempting too. And a fun suggestion... you should add knitted place-mats to your selection! My mom has some, and they add such a cute touch to the table. I bet people would buy them!

    1. If you couldn't tell... the scarf is my favorite item ;) haha

  4. This would be my favoure+What I'd use the credit on:

  5. Really digging the Cozy Versatile Teal & Gray Infinity Scarf/Cowl

  6. I love all the Infinity Scarves!! But If I had to choose one, it would be the teal and gray one! It's beautiful!

    felicia.allthingsdreamy (at)

  7. Ohh, I really like this scarf !!


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