Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prayer of Jesus

We are finishing up the New Testament through the Books of the Bible.  The Gospel of John is one of the last books in this format.  As I read this gospel for probably the 10th time, I noticed Jesus's prayer like I have never read it before. I love that, as Jesus is facing not just death, but humiliation, mocking and torture, he is praying for the people who will one day believe in him and the people who will show them who He is!  Its simply one of the most beautiful and humbling prayers!

Have a great rest of your Sunday and your September!

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  1. God is awesome, it is funny how we read a passage so many times, and then that one time we get a a whole different meaning about it! That happens to me all the time! Have a blessed Sunday Kim!

  2. I love that we can read and study the same scripture many times and get a different message each time. I love the way God uses His word to speak to us. Oh, how I love Him! Xoxo

  3. Yes!! This is wonderful. So glad you shared this one. Thanks for linking up Kim! Xxo


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