Monday, August 20, 2012

MY MORNING ROUTINE & Writing Prompts

I've mentioned lately that I want to start writing more.  I love to write. Whether its blogging or creative writing, I really do love it.  I have way more blocks than I do releases but I still love it.  Last week, someone commented on the use of writing prompts and then later that week I saw Brooke from Covered In Grace post on using writing prompts.  After following a few links, I landed on Mama Kat's Writer's workshop.  So far i am finding it simple enough.  I get prompts emailed to me each week.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Last week's topics were:

1.) What’s for dinner Mom? Describe a meal your Mom cooked that you dreaded eating growing up.
2.) Share your favorite Summer Olympic Moment so far.
3.) Your morning routine.
4.) What’s your Summer Fashion? Share a favorite outfit you’re loving this Summer.
5.) Do you have a sweet tooth? List your top five favorite candies!

So I decided that I'd start doing this more.  I am not sure I'll have a specific day that I will do this but I hope to do it once a week. 


Boring, right?  Yeah well lets see if I can turn what could possibly be a boring post into a fun one.  Not really holding out much help, but we'll see. :) At least you'll get to know me a little better.

A little back story:  My only paid job is a part time one. I work for a church here in New York.  Trinity Grace Church Upper West Side.  I work in the offices on Tuesdays and Thursday.   I also work on Sunday evenings during the service.  On Monday, Wednesday & Friday I work a little more independently.  It originally was supposed to be a time that I worked on my photography and writing but lately for a while it has been more about my blog and crafting.  It doesn't bring in money so I should probably adjust my schedule...

Anyway, my morning routine...  I am struggling with telling you what it is vs. what I want it to be.  On my non-office days, it typically consists of me fighting with the alarm.  I tend to stay up way too late on the nights before non work days so getting up is often a chore.  

Then I spend some time with the Lord reading other people's blogs.  It always is a way to help me wake up. I am not much of a morning person.  I need time to process and wake up.  So often I will check email or check out people's blogs.  Sometimes I obsess over numbers. 

If I am good, I make a schedule for the day. This helps me stay on task.  But often I'll get through half my morning before I get around to it.  

Even the mornings I go into the office, much of this is my routine.  Even the blog vortex that i can often get sucked into inevitably causes me to be late to work. On those mornings, I spend time on the train reading my bible.  By then I am awake enough that i retain some of the info.  At least most days that is true. I am reading through the New Testament. I am really loving discovering the Word all over again!.

Oh and in case you wondered.... Coffee is a huge part of my morning.  These days its iced coffee because its too warm in our apartment for hot coffee, although I do miss it!  We started a Thursday Morning Women's prayer time this week and the hostess  had hot coffee.  I kinda wanted to just hold the mug for a few hours and tell it how much I loved it and missed it.  Yeah, I'm weird but if you didn't know that already then you should know that. It will make things less awkward down the road.

So that's my normal morning routine.  Its not that exciting but I hope I didn't bore you too much.  What is your morning routine?

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  1. My number one morning enemy is that ALARM notification in my iPhone. I usually hit snooze and sleep for a few more snoozes. I end up late and haggard from the commute.

    I hope you can join my Twitter Link Up! It's a fun way to know more people and get a few more followers in Twitter. Just go to the link below:

  2. Thank you for the post - I will have to check out Mama Kat.

    That is what I love about blogging - no rules!

    Popped in from Monday Meet Up ~

  3. I'm not a morning person either and the first thing I do is stumble my way to the office, grab my phone and check email :)

  4. I will have to check out these writing prompts!


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